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Many of you have asked for a space for asking your style questions and sharing your clothes woes, and here it is before you! If you have any fashion questions, things you would like to see in a post or even a comment that you don’t know where to post, this is the corner-of-cyberspace to be. You have two options and one condition: Either submit your question as a comment, or shoot an email to colortheworldwithme@gmail.comwith something witty in the subject line and I will answer to you the best I can! However: keep it relevant. If your submission has nothing to do with the whole point of this blog or is unhelpful, profane, completely irrelevant, yada yada yada, it will be deleted. So with that in mind, have fun and ask away!


“Fashions have done more harm than revolutions.”
Victor Hugo

From Mallory


ok this is quite random…
but, I know the whole “go green” thing is really huge right now, and I think it is cool that people are trying to bring it into fashion (which is awesome!). there is a really cool website for these amazing “green” purses… ok so the website is:
I hope u like it! they are a little pricey, but super cool!!

Claire sent this in, and sure enough there are some really interesting pieces on! My favorite at the moment is the Jasmine Sleek Tote.


Check out some rebagz yourself here.


Remember back when I posted about Engrish?  Well, I have to take some of it back, because Laia pointed out that the ecclectic bag saying, “MINUTEMEN MEATPUPPETS DESCENDENTS ANGST” happens to be a list of bands.

That bag is amazingly rad. Those are all name of punk bands, so maybe it was merch for a show? I’d love to have it.


Minutemen, Meat Puppets and Descendents. Here you go, folks! (There are too many bands out there called Angst to know which one Laia was thinking about….) Now we know.


What do you suggest is an easy way to make an XL large shirt more fitted or into a tunic top/dress?
(I am usually a small… and keep in mind this is the black spanish club t-shirt) D thanks!

– From Queentazo







Adding Belts:

      The same color of your shirt…

           … In a color complimentary to the T’s print…

           … or to make it feel more funky and fashion-y, add a glitsy belt and ankle boots in a color complimentary to the T.

Going Casual In Skinny Jeans:

       Also, roll up the sleeves a tad, add a scarf or headband and find flats with a print in complimentary colors to the T.


      See if you can find leggings that either match the T or bring out the print.

         This is a fun step, because no matter what the shirt looks like you can usually make it seem a whole lot girlier and fancier by adding skirt-age underneath and pairing it with dainty shoes.

Cropped Vests:

          Pretend you are at South By Southwest or Coachella!







Hey colorcast, do you know of any good fashion sites or blogs that you can join an e-mail list for daily updates?

Scarfgirl! Why, yes I do: daily fashion updates are my favorite thing!

There are two options for getting your daily fashion fix right to you. You can subscribe to feeds (typically the little orange box with stripes and RSS next to it) or email newsletters; both are the same, except that feeds are delivered to your internet browser “favorites” list. But, that’ not what you asked about, so let us talk email!

I subscribe to a plethora of sites, blogs and store newsletters. They are, in no particular order:

  • StyleFrizz fashion blog.
  • Fifi Lapin’s delightful blog of fashion illustration.
  • StyleBubble
  • The Style Scout (this is one of my favorites!)
  • Fred Flare dot com for fun jewelry and clever clothes
  • Net-a-Porterfor designer duds to drool over and clip to Polyvore
  • and for fashion show coverage and fashion industry icon headlines
  • Fashionista is another one of my favorites, as it is supremely witty and full of great post fodder
  • The Daily BussBuss has clothing, purses, and random fun tidbits to share on a daily basis
  • The Cool Hunter is just that. Usually more architecture than fashion, but worth reading nonetheless
  • Business of Fashion usually has some interesting articles on the intersection of business and fashion. Good reads but more business than fashion.
  • Fashion Alerts from New York Magazine are another personal favorite!

I could keep going, but these are the ones I read with most frequency. Also, just about every major (and some not so major) fashion blogs will have email-subscription boxes along the header or on the sidebars, keep your eyes peeled! You might also consider visiting the online homes of your favorite stores to see what kind of updates they offer, as well as the websites of other fashion magazines and websites you may ever come across. There are also a lot of online fashion zines that will deliver their issues to you, like Sesame. Hope you find something you like and enjoy seeing 15+ new emails in your inbox every day!        ^ _ ^


i wanted to send you this link to a particular heel by
marc jacobs b/c i thought it was such an innovative
and quirky idea!  you probably have already seen it,
but i hope you enjoy it nevahtheless!
here is betsy herself…not maximum creepy here, but
still purty creepy…

and now that i’m thinking about fashion…fredflare
had the cutest plushie that i wish i could spare $30
on!  maybe you’ve seen these plush tears that say,
‘made me cry’ on the tag.  i love them so…

Who-oah! Loads of good stuff from Elizabeth! First, the heel. Both 2008 collections blew me away completely, especially where accessories and shoes are concerned! I can not come up with a more innovative season (or two) within the last five years! This Marc Jacobs heel is particularly interesting, and although I had seen it before it is one of my favorite pieces from this year.

Moving on, consider Betsey Johnson the subject of Elizabeth’s Color Me Recognized “biographical report”; put another face to the name, and, if you are anything like me, marvel at how different from the way you imagined her she looks.

*Elizabeth found this picture on flickr

And lastly, Elizabeth’s Fred Flare “Made Me Cry” Teardrop plushies are most certainly cute!


7 Comments Add your own

  • 1. queentazo  |  2 May 2008 at 3:34 pm

    What do you suggest is an easy way to make an XL large shirt more fitted or into a tunic top/dress?
    (I am usually a small… and keep in mind this is the black spanish club t-shirt)
    😀 thanks!

  • 2. sassy P  |  6 May 2008 at 7:27 pm

    i suggest buying a small..hahahha jk! I’ll leave this one to color cast 🙂

  • 3. colorcast  |  6 June 2008 at 1:03 pm

    queentazo, I haven’t forgotten about you! I am so sorry It has taken me this long, but I’m turning your question into a post and thats why. Be looking forward to it in the near future!! ^ _ ^

  • 4. scarfgirl  |  17 June 2008 at 9:23 pm

    Hey colorcast, do you know of any good fashion sites or blogs that you can join an e-mail list for daily updates?

  • 5. queentazo  |  7 February 2009 at 10:56 am

    hey colorcast…
    so i have this friend who has this AMAZING fashion blog. but she is temporarily stopped blogging. 😦
    how can i help her to start blogging again?


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