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Color Me Repulsed

I don’t care how groundbreaking, innovative, or futuristic they are, nor does the fact that Lady Gaga and Daphne Guinness have already stepped out in theirs since they hit the runway. They are ugly.

To the blogsphere, new though these are they certainly aren’t news– a good number of the blogs in my GoogleReader have weighed in on them in the last few days. However, assuming you are either new to fashion or have not been introduced to these high-heeled atrocities yet, let me fill you in. Released at Alexander McQueen SS 2010 RTW, the shoes are a whopping foot tall and dubbed armadillo heels for the python fabrics resembling the Texan animal’s shell. I am still in a state of visual shock, and am trying to figure them out in my mind. Pointe shoes, armadillo, spacey, like a mule in stillettos….I mean, they are sort of cute, in the same way the ugly baby puppy is endearing, but…*shudder*. Please, I’d love your feedback too- what do you think?

Amazingly, it is humanly possible to walk in them. If you’ve seen Lady Gaga’s video for Bad Romance, you know it is even possible to dance in the weird things.

“Yes, I think these would add a nice touch to my office wear, don’t you?”

Alexander McQueen alligator shoes spring/summer 2010

Alexander, while not quite my favorite designer, is definitely on my designer-radar. His creativity keeps me on my toes, that’s for sure. I see how these fit into his design aesthetic, and I even understand them a wee bit more in the context of the collection. My prediction is that these will be one fashion’s more memorable articles, yet one of the most notoriously underworn. Let us watch the world of fashion to see how this plays out.

Photo from this write-up from British Vogue.


16 November 2009 at 9:13 pm 5 comments

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