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23 July 2009 at 11:57 am Leave a comment

Generally I get the impression that when fashion bloggers ask for opinions in their posts, the questions are posed literally as opposed to rhetorically. Therefore, I dedicate this post to the fashionista behind Made by Girl.

In response to her question about whether or not NastyGal‘s Brigitte Lace Tunic is a “need” or  “want” situation…

tunic 1tunic 2

…well, I like it. A LOT. Which is unusual, considering that I normally have a strict anti-lace policy, especially where dresses are concerned. However I think the Brigitte Tunic is beautiful in line and construct, in addition to being simple without being dull. It’s lacy without being tacky or overt. I love the folds and the asymmetrical cut. It reminds me of a lot of Korean clothing: they usually are very plain in palette (solid color garments prevail) but extremely interesting in visual regard-cut, draping, etc.  Besides, this would be so fun to wear! I really dig the styling on the website, but think of all the other options… it could be really tough with skinny jeans and gladiator heels or dainty with skinnies and flats. Make it fancy-jewelry maybe? A shorter A-Line? Or, be casual… the possibilities are endless.

My vote is definitely for the tunic.

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