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Color Me A FredFlare Fan

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to present you with a visual list of some of the reasons why I love

fredflare connect the dots dressfredflare unlock my heart pendant 

Connect The Dots DressUnlock My Heart Pendant

navy optimal dressforget me knot rings

Navy Optimal Dress/Forget Me Knot Ring

black nefertit dress14k tinyluck necklaces

Black Nefertiti Dress/Tiny Treat Necklaces


Librarian Pin

purple haze smocked dress


Purple Haze Smocked Dress

bowtie wallet

Bowtie Wallet

paddington ballet flats

Paddington Flats


While somewhat pricy, the clothing is always adorable with a retro-fresh air, and the accesories are cheap and tres cute. Let me also use this post as an example of how to put together an outfit (a question that I’m frequently asked but hardly ever answer sufficiently). I usually start by picking out one item I want to wear on any given day- could be clothes, jewelry, scarves, anything- then build around it by adding complimentary colors. While monochrome dressing can be a lot of fun, I personally aim for two to three colors in any given outfit: either bring  out the colors in a patterned piece, or supplement a solid garment with lots of matchy-matchy extras. For balance, try to have some color on top (hairthings/earrings/necklaces/scarves), in the middle (belt/bracelets) and one on the bottom (shoes). I like alternating: say, yellow hairscarf, teal necklace, brown shift, yellow belt, teal bracelet, yellow shoes. Maybe that formula is a bit contrived; really, the most important thing to think about while putting together an outfit is using pieces that you like and letting your own unique style shine through.

Here’s some FredFlare examples, all built around the same pair of flats and wallet (minus the balancing of colors, since I’m only using these ten products):

1:bowtie walletblack nefertit dressfredflare unlock my heart pendantpaddington ballet flats

2: 258_Dfredflare connect the dots dresspaddington ballet flatsbowtie wallet

3: paddington ballet flatsnavy optimal dressbowtie walletforget me knot rings

4: 14k tinyluck necklaces purple haze smocked dresspaddington ballet flatsbowtie wallet



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Color Me Motivated

I stopped blogging for a few reasons: slight fashion apathy as my creative interests began manifesting themselves in new fields, time shortage, too much to write, and some sore memories interwoven with the blog’s original goals. Ultimately, I missed the blog (because I still love fashion) but had become discouraged and uncertain of the blog’s quality and whether or not I should just delete the whole thing and start over somewhere new.

But I’m no quitter.

I’ve been writing posts and keeping up with fashion, just not on the interwebz. As the year has progressed  the blogging itch has been returning, but it wasn’t until I found an old email from my extremely tough journalism teacher, whom I respect greatly, that I decided to move forward with ColorMe again.

I’m actually quite impressed.  Simple clean design and the writing is actually interesting.  I don’t know if there is a person who is concerned less about style and fashion than me and I actually was drawn in to your blog. 
If it sucked, I’d tell you.  But it doesn’t.

Hmm. To be told by V that ColorMe doesn’t suck is quite a compliment, though I still think I can make it better. That’s my new goal: to bring the blog to a higher standard, a higher quality.

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Color Me Un-Official Fashion Consultant

Generally I get the impression that when fashion bloggers ask for opinions in their posts, the questions are posed literally as opposed to rhetorically. Therefore, I dedicate this post to the fashionista behind Made by Girl.

In response to her question about whether or not NastyGal‘s Brigitte Lace Tunic is a “need” or  “want” situation…

tunic 1tunic 2

…well, I like it. A LOT. Which is unusual, considering that I normally have a strict anti-lace policy, especially where dresses are concerned. However I think the Brigitte Tunic is beautiful in line and construct, in addition to being simple without being dull. It’s lacy without being tacky or overt. I love the folds and the asymmetrical cut. It reminds me of a lot of Korean clothing: they usually are very plain in palette (solid color garments prevail) but extremely interesting in visual regard-cut, draping, etc.  Besides, this would be so fun to wear! I really dig the styling on the website, but think of all the other options… it could be really tough with skinny jeans and gladiator heels or dainty with skinnies and flats. Make it fancy-jewelry maybe? A shorter A-Line? Or, be casual… the possibilities are endless.

My vote is definitely for the tunic.

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