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Color Me Fried

Consumers get caught up on the most random joke trends. You know… sassy tween sayings on things, or “Team Insert-Celebrity-of-Choice-Here”, and now: bacon.


Yes. Bacon. Stock up on bacon goods here, because fred flare only has bacon wallets. But that’s okay: I know the shortage of stylish “BACON IS MEAT CANDY” shirts is heartbreaking, so I got you a bacon bandage to put on it.



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Color Me Exposed!

We all harbor style secrets. Daily, mine are probed at with questions such as “How big is your closet?” and statements like “I could never afford all your jewelry…” , which elicit secret internal giggles at the absurdity of these misunderstandings.

If only you knew!

Thus, I commence on an expose-of-sorts (yes, on myself). Provided, I will not oust all the secrets of my style (ah, sweet mystery!) but the few I’d like to expose are:

1. My closet is really not that big. It is, however, an overflowing niche of organized chaos,



in which scarves and heels take top priority, followed by countless tees and boxes of leggings…

2. You could, in fact, afford the kind of jewelry I wear. It is almost exclusively handmade, vintage, thrift, or fleamarket finds (the best kind… just be sure to clean them before you wear them for the first time!) Also,


my earrings are stored on wire mesh bookends from Office Max. Let’s call it industrial chic!

3. I own t-shirts, sweats, and jeans. All of which I wear, daily.  Just not at school.


EEK! Who is that girl in the devastatingly unfashionable academic quiz team t-shirt?

 Tata, readers… maybe one day I will divulge more top secret style information! You’ll just have to keep reading…

2 May 2009 at 8:56 pm 3 comments

Color Me Reflected

Scarfgirl gives the best gifts! She’s thoughtful, creative, stylish, and may I say generous? in the process! Prime example:
“Hey, Colorcast, I brought your birthday present!”


Inside my petit paper Marc bag (the sight of which nearly gave me a conniption) was a sporty purple bag (which will serve me well during my summer travels) and an adorable red heart shaped compact mirror!


So cute, so fun. Marc mirrors: turning “dipping your toes in the pool of narcissism” (to quote Gala) fashionable!


Thank you so, so much, scarfgirl! You are fabulous.

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