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You are not misreading anything, nor did you alter the language settings on your keyboard: the last post is, in fact, in Spanish (albeit, imperfect Spanish). It was for an assignment at school in which we were to blog about some Hispanic artist and their artistic style, noted works, etc. For clarity, I will post in again in English, minus the pictures:

(**I’m aware that I am not really Carolina Herrera; this is a short assignment for my Spanish class, in which I am supposed to pretend to be a hispanic artist and write about my life and art.)

When people think about what art is, many forget that fashion isn’t only for rich women and their daughters that have all the money. Fashion is a type of art. For this reason, while I am a designer of fashion, I am also an artist who works with fabric as opposed to paints. My name is Carolina Herrera, and I was born in 1939. I’m Venezuelan. My family was one of the richest in the country, and it is because of this that my mother took me to Paris to meet her friend Cristobal Balenciaga when I was 13. When we were in Paris we went to one of Cristobal’s fashion shows, and from that moment forward the way I thought about clothing-and the art of clothing-began changing. I had been making clothes for my wealthy friends back in Venezuela, but after the fashion show I began making whole dresses and making clothing with detail and precision.

My friends were some of my first clients, and my unique style of clothing attracted a small following. First, I only designed fabrics, but I finally began designing clothing when my famous friend Diana Vreeland told me to use my talents for fashion design. I began my business in 1981, the year after my family and I moved to the United States.

I have been designing clothing for many years, but my style has remained more or less the same. I prefer simple, elegant clothes with clean lines and streamline silhouettes. My designs are sometimes compared to those of Mademoiselle Chanel. One of my original dresses was a short dress with a floral pattern in vibrant colors. This dress is made of silk with satin accents around the edges. The skirt is circular, and the waist is lower than normal. (In English, the term is “drop waist”.) My inspiration for this collection was the television show “Dynasty” which aired in 1981, the year I released my first collection. This dress is one of twenty from the original collection.

For the spring of 2000, my designs were modern, youthful, yet sophisticated at the same time. I decided to use rich colors and fabrics such as crepe, taffeta and suede. I used a lot of bead work, and mixed long skirts with ruffled tops. The evening gowns for this collection were backless. On the left, my fellow South American Giselle wears a backless crepe dress with a dash of rich color towards the bottom. On the right is a model wearing suede trousers and a chartreuse top. Here, is another crepe evening gown, and another long taffeta skirt/short top ensemble, one of the signatures of this collection. During the show, I stated that the mood for this collection is feminine, luxurious and seductive, with lots of color and energy.

In 2001, I designed fall clothes with an emphasis on elegance and simplicity; my favorite styles of clothes will always be simple. In this collection, I used luxurious details like lace edging and diamante. The signature style from the fall 2001 collection was an asymmetric hem, such as the one shown on the skirt on the right. Other signatures were large leather wrap jackets, and other animal skins like lynx, chinchilla, and feathers. 

Two years later, my designs continued to be simple and elegant. Most of the designs were made of satin. The winter 2003 designs were noted for their brilliant yet tranquil colors, and the diversity of the clothes. This collection consisted of short and narrow skirts, lamb skin jackets, tailored suits and feathered skirts. Like the skirts, the evening gowns are long and thing. I used varying shades of blue, burgundy, grey, caramel and cream in the color palette.  This jacket is one of the most noted in the collection. It is silk in a rich blue-grey color. The shoes are a wine red, the signature color for winter 2003.  On the left is an ensemble with the thin (in English, “pencil skirt”) skirt with burgundy accents. The fabrics are satin. On the right is a pencil skirt/leather jacket ensemble.

In 2005, my daughter was married. Therefore, the spring 2005 collection was cheerful, sensual and romantic. The collection was one of short dresses and skirts. I used unexpected colors, much brighter than my usual designs. In addition to crepe, silk and satin, I used tweed and jersey in this collection. For example, the dress on the left is looser than my famous dresses, and is bright red. It is made of jersey, not satin. The dress on the right is a good example of my mixing new colors. During the spring of 2005, my favorite color choices were aquas, chocolates, caramels and green on backgrounds of black or white.  This is one of the tweed ensembles of the collection.

In 2006, I designed a collection inspired by the 1950s, with a modern twist. This was another collection in which I used unusual colors and fabrics (for me). This outfit is a suit in which I mixed two dark colors, brown and black. I used mink fur to border the jacket. These skirt suits from the 2005 collection are made of wool. In this collection I used lots of prints.

I am always designing clothing, and for that reason I am always producing art as well. I treat my clothing as works of art, and delight in the coloring and lines in clothing. Because my designs are always unique, fresh, feminine and classic I am one of the most influential Hispanic female designers in the world.


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