Color Me a Diva

15 March 2009 at 4:50 pm 1 comment

For those of you still in the dark on what a “Diva” truly is, Beyonce provides her definition at the beginning of her new music video as being:



1. A successful and glamorous female performer or personality; a fashion diva.

My “secret” enjoyment of rap music extends beyond Diddy to encompass other stylish music/fashion collaborators, with Beyonce being my favorite. She’s a diva (best believa) and while watching fashion and music blend in the video , three things stuck out to me: 

  1. First of all, those GLASSES. Enough said. Sure, their functionality is questionable, but so are the ever-popular Kanye glasses, and these look so, so much better!



Gosh, I want a pair… (of fringe-shades. I’ll pass on the Kanyes.)

2. Then, note her totally MqQueen hairdo. It took me right back to a few seasons ago, when Sarah Jessica Parker began sporting the crazy McQueen hats in public. Talk about music and fashion blending in interesting ways!

3. And finally, we see Beyonce’s new favorite trend, which she also sports in the “Single Ladies” video AND her new Dereon campaign: the very current jumpsuit/leotard remix …


(As seen on Beyonce, and as seen on Stella McCartney’s Spring 09 RTW catwalk.)

 Combine last year’s high-waisted silk Prada shorts with the surplus of jumpsuits and what do you have? The new “jumpsuits”, also known as leotards, rompers, or hot pants. Leave it up to Sasha Fierce to bring them off the runways in a completely non-sketchy, high fashion way (something that Lady Gaga has yet to master).

Daring fashion break-outs aside, Beyonce’s clothing line, House of Dereon, is still up and running, with a new collection for the Spring 09 season. You can see a preview for the collection and hear B’s thoughts about it here:

All this trendiness has the belted lines “Hermes briefcase, Cartier top links… dimples in ya neckties…Partner, let me Upgrade U” cycling through my mind!


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  • 1. queentazo  |  16 March 2009 at 5:29 pm

    no offense, i would much rather wear some Kanye’s… but that is just the gangsta in me.
    fringe glasses? so… odd
    it’s like having your bangs in your face on purpose
    but of course, im not going to argue for the normality of the Kanye’s either


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