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Color Me Framed

Yesterday my friend Audrey and I went hunting for the perfect new pair of frames for my Mom, being sure to have lots of fashion fun along the way! Obviously, all three of us wear glasses, and none of us regrets not choosing contacts for our daily eye-wear. Glasses have never been an embarrassment or hindrance to me: I have always seen them as an added opportunity to accessorize and add color, flair, character, you name it, to an outfit. They define your face, and if the right ones are carefully chosen, will epitomize your style in one small piece of plastic! It’s genius! I could go on about the pros of a fabulous frame and link all sorts of articles, blog posts, and fredflare finds, but instead have decided to post our trials and triumphs of a good frame hunt:



While Audrey and I were just goofing around/styling each other, my mom was seriously shopping for a new pair of glasses. With advice from us two, not to mention all the ladies at our hair salon, she settled on these,


A light plum half-rim with awesome mother of pearl studded sides.


Furthermore, may I remind you that frames are also ideal for dress up and makebelieve. 

cmframed-021katoleary:  Does anyone know where I can get glasses like these? (photo via)  These shades from Urban Outfitters ($18) are pretty close. Get the lenses popped out and replace with clear??

AccioFabulousFrames!  *picture from jessica


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Color Me Ginger!

Coco Rocha is now a redhead!


Now Lily Cole and… uh…

Let me start over.

Now Lily Cole is not the only redheaded model roaming the runways! There aren’t a whole lot of redheads in the Industry, are there? (I fell like there must be more…who am I forgetting? Help me out, readers!)

In the same vein, InStyle just did a run down on the hair color of all their cover girls: 80-something brunettes, 80-blondes, 11 redheads. 11, in the entire lifetime of the magazine. Given, I had no idea there were so many famous gingers!

I’ve always wanted to try my hand at modeling… maybe one day I will make the jump from modeling locally (which I love, don’t get me wrong!) to modeling globally… Hey, Marc Jacobs! I believe you know my friend Jordan Nichols! Does that get me any model bonus points? Well, “swish it around in your mouth for a little bit”… when you decide, just have your people call my people!


*follow the model life of Coco Rocha here!

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Color Me Retained

Do you need some bling? Do you want a grill, but want to be taken seriously? Then my friend Billy has found the thing for you!


“Gold teeth have become so pas·sé these days that who wants to wear them anymore? Not to mention, if you are a young rapper, say eleven years old, you are going to want to wear something more appropriate to your age demographic while still retaining a high level of bling. And speaking of “retaining”, how about sporting a solid gold retainer? I don’t know the designer Kiel Mead. I’m not even sure if it’s a man or a woman with a name like Kiel. But, I commend he/she for taking a bold move in the solid gold dentistry market into new places. I think the only logical next move is to kick it up a notch and have braces installed with little LCD screens on each tooth so you and your friends can get on the PS3 simply by smiling.”

(If the picture alone didn’t grab you, I’m sure the advertising statement did!)

Ironically–or, not–Billy found this gem of a design on a website called “design crack” after google searching for “trash”. Google, it’s like  a magical Forest-Gump style-genie: you never know what you’re gonna get next!

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Color Me a Diva

For those of you still in the dark on what a “Diva” truly is, Beyonce provides her definition at the beginning of her new music video as being:



1. A successful and glamorous female performer or personality; a fashion diva.

My “secret” enjoyment of rap music extends beyond Diddy to encompass other stylish music/fashion collaborators, with Beyonce being my favorite. She’s a diva (best believa) and while watching fashion and music blend in the video , three things stuck out to me: 

  1. First of all, those GLASSES. Enough said. Sure, their functionality is questionable, but so are the ever-popular Kanye glasses, and these look so, so much better!



Gosh, I want a pair… (of fringe-shades. I’ll pass on the Kanyes.)

2. Then, note her totally MqQueen hairdo. It took me right back to a few seasons ago, when Sarah Jessica Parker began sporting the crazy McQueen hats in public. Talk about music and fashion blending in interesting ways!

3. And finally, we see Beyonce’s new favorite trend, which she also sports in the “Single Ladies” video AND her new Dereon campaign: the very current jumpsuit/leotard remix …


(As seen on Beyonce, and as seen on Stella McCartney’s Spring 09 RTW catwalk.)

 Combine last year’s high-waisted silk Prada shorts with the surplus of jumpsuits and what do you have? The new “jumpsuits”, also known as leotards, rompers, or hot pants. Leave it up to Sasha Fierce to bring them off the runways in a completely non-sketchy, high fashion way (something that Lady Gaga has yet to master).

Daring fashion break-outs aside, Beyonce’s clothing line, House of Dereon, is still up and running, with a new collection for the Spring 09 season. You can see a preview for the collection and hear B’s thoughts about it here:

All this trendiness has the belted lines “Hermes briefcase, Cartier top links… dimples in ya neckties…Partner, let me Upgrade U” cycling through my mind!

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Color Me Quoted: Part 5 (ish)

The way I see it, being sexy has nothing to do with how much makeup you’re wearing or how much skin you’re showing…It’s the way you walk, and how you project yourself. Self-confidence is the single most attractive quality a girl can possess.


— Frida Giannini of Gucci (thank you, April US Teen Vogue)

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Color Me Well-Read

You make all the fashion statements just by dressing up your mind.

Jason Mraz is on to something. What makes the true fashionista stand out from the run-of-the-mill, Juicy-obsessed mall-goer? A fashionista has substance. She styles herself with ease, carries herself with confidence. She is transcendent. She is informed.

There is something devastatingly stylish about a girl who can converse intelligently about literature, current events, culture, art and fashion…but, what happens when said fashionista can’t seem to strike a balance between her glossies, the New York Times and her books? (hefty old volumes of Kant, Hume, and Schaeffer, I’m sure…) She turns to the ever-refreshing shelves of her favorite bookstore, of course, and runs for the best literary genre since CliffsNotes (kidding…): fashion-forward chic lit.

color me well read
color me well read – by Flea Market Fancies on>


 Kind of like an episode of Kimora after a serious movie, “fashion books” (for lack of a more articulate word) are…refreshing. You get the experience of enjoying a 300 page book combined with the experience of reading something purely fashion (like a magazine).  The plot could be something totally fashion driven, such as The Devil Wears Prada. It could be something cutesy and mildly fashion-driven, such as The Confessions of a Shopoholic (If you have only seen these movies, read the books; the movies are just not the same). Or, it could be a work of fashion non-fiction, such as Nina Garcia’s The One Hundred,  Fashion A to Zoe   by none other than your favorite celebrity stylist, or any one of Tim Gunn’s style guides. Book-starved fashionistas, your options are limitless! For the few of you who are sick of words and don’t feel like reading at all, go pick up a copy of Mary Kate and Ashely’s book Influence, or Tim Walker’s Pictures, and rest your eyes on something beautiful. Feeding your mind is important, but relaxing it with something girlie is not to be forgotten…happy reading!

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Color Me Purple

I just read an article on Yahoo! about a one hundred year old lady who drank nothing but Coca Cola and wore an entirely purple wardrobe for her entire 100 year life, and want to know more! Who is this Myrtice McCurdy? A whole lifetime in purple?

Please, dear readers, if you find anything about her life in purple, tell me, because I really, really want to know!

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