Color Me Terribly Turned Around

13 August 2008 at 4:02 pm 1 comment

Do you ever have those moments where something that you usually understand perfectly suddenly makes absolutely no sense at all? As I flipped through the September Fall Fashion issue of Teen Vogue a few days ago, I had one of those moments. Between the “Fall Fashion A-Z” column that is the core of any fall fashion issue and the runway coverage in the “Fashion Rocks”  supplement, I felt like I was reading nothing but old news and runway coverage was from seasons past. What threw me off was the fact everything I was reading was news from February and March, and yet was contained within the fall fashion issue. 

What Teen Vogue considers to be “Fall Fashion” really happened last spring, when the fall collections showed. Therefore, to the Fashionista, about a quarter of what is contained within this issue is old news-really, really old news-and is now completely irrelevant as spring Fashion Week is almost here. This so called “Fall Fashion” is going on seven months old, and anyone who is familiar with fashion will tell you that if it is seven months old, it’s on its way out. So, when the fall-at-Zac-Posen was listed under “O-oops, I did it again” in the “Fall Fashion A-Z” column, my first thought was, Wow, I almost used that picture in Color Me Grounded… back when it was actually news…

and “L”s leather leggings left me completely speechless (Not like Susie Bubble has been posting about PVC and leather leggings for the last year or anything). After resort collections all summer, Fall coverage of fall fashion” felt like a giant step backwards! Believe it or not, a mid-August reference to “the fall runways” does not equal “recent collections”; the “fall runways” one looks at are actually from six months ago, when Spring was beginning to bloom. What I want to know is: Why does it feel so counter-intuitive to be presented with fall runways during Fall itself? I am beginning to give my self the same cross-eyed sensation I get when I ponder the fact that “Christmas in July” as we North Americans know it is normalcy to those living in the Southern Hemisphere! Spring fashion happens in the fall, fall fashion happens in the spring, yet if the magazines reported accordingly, women all over the world would would fly into tizzies.  Part of the problem lies in the six-month trickle-down period: fashions are put out six months in advance; the girl who jumps immediately on the bandwagon, wearing “fall” styles in the spring or “spring”  styles  in the fall, is considered to be extremely fashion forward when in reality she is right on target; the girl who fails to realize the “fresh” styles at JC Penny have been “fresh” for six months when they debued in Paris is scoffed at for having no style; girl A is wearing clothes that are too early for their designated season; girl B is wearing clothes that are too late for their designated season.

Girls A and B go home thoroughly confused at the backwardness of “Fall fashion” never truly meaning FALL fashion, and I wonder why this has never confused me before….

I suppose it all goes to say, while the runways are exciting to keep an eye on, it is probably much simpler to develop your own sense of style- style that transcends seasonal distinctives -than to give yourself headaches like the one I have just induced by trying to keep up with the whirling dervish that is the Industry!

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  • 1. Kim  |  14 August 2008 at 4:31 pm

    Haha! That left me confused too! I also think its good to develope our own sense of style. 🙂


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