Color Me Jumpy

6 August 2008 at 3:42 pm 4 comments

Spring/Summer 2008 Ready-To-Wear made me a little uneasy at first.


See? Aren’t you squirming inside? That word gives you such an unpleasant (jumpy?) feeling, probably because it brings mechanic workgear, catsuits and bad 70s throwbacks to mind. It was exactly this feeling that I had when I first read that one of Fall/Winter’s new trends is just that.


I was somewhat resistant to this new fashion at first, mainly because I could not seem to reconcile the images of high fashion models with how I was imagining jumpsuits, but once I sat down to investigate they not only began to grow on me but I discovered that many of them were – gasp!- quite beautiful! After looking through every archived jumpsuit of the Spring/Summer 2008 RTW collections on, I concluded the following things:

1. A jumpsuit can be extremely versatile. For example,

the simple styles shown at Hermes and Yigal Azrouel could be dressed up or down, and are also appropriate as they stand for a variety of daily events. Also, note that belted jumpsuits hardly even look like a one piece outfit, as the belt draws the eye’s attention to the break in the garment’s flow as opposed to the garment itself. Haider Ackermann and Tommy Hillfiger showed simple jumpsuits at their finest, and they are (surprisingly?) tres chic!

The best part about a jumpsuit is that they are so dramatic by themselves that they hardly require accessorizing at all! Valentino adds a splash of print and a bag, while Paul Smith Women opts out of large print for bold head/neck accessories.

2. There actually exists a breed of jumpsuits that could easily replace typical workwear-style suits, such as the models shown at:

Anne Valerie Hash, Givenchy, Malo, Martin Grant, Ruffian and Yoji Yammamoto. In order for a jumpsuit to be appropriate for a workplace, however, the key things to consider are a, not having a lot of skin exposed; b, neutral or solid colors; and c, MINIMAL accessorizing. A jacketed version, or adding your own jacket, will also dress up and professionalize a jumpsuit.

3. Jumpsuits are becoming the new dresses: there is one for every occasion. Your brunch dress has now become a Stella McCartney jumpsuit, and your run-to-the-grocery-store-then-art-class dress has morphed into the jumpsuits of Yves Saint Laurent.

The casual jersey dress that you wear to school is now a Gianfranco Ferre jumpsuit, and the spunky dress you wear on sundays now has stars, stripes and legs courtesey of Chanel.

 Your “date” dress and “going out” dresse(s) are now the jumpsuits of

Bruce, Anne Valerie Hash, Three As Four and Undercover, and if you are really daring,


Gianfranco Ferre can outfit you in his lavish jumpsuits for your next black tie event!


So, as you can now see, “JUMPSUITS” nowadays connotes a new breed of dressing that does not, in any way, resemble the mechanic-like ensembles of the 70s that many of us originally thought of upon hearing the “J” word. As long as you avoid these, which will remain unnamed,

you should be fine. My tips to you, daring fashionistas in training, are:

  • Avoid animal prints!
  • Avoid weird coulotte-y styles
  • Resist the Nu-Rave-Billy-Idol-fan jumpsuit urges
  • Don’t over-structure your jumpsuits!
  • Wear jumpsuits with shape
  • No Disco
  • If it looks like pyjammas, stay away…
  • Resist  Goth-Fruits urges, too!


  • Because of the general shape and proportions of the new jumpsuits, I highly reccomend only wearing them with heels. I can already hear the whines of you not-so-daring fashionistas in traing. “Who wears heels with thier run-to-the-grocery-store-then-art-class-dress, let alone jumpsuit?” I do. Get over it, unless you want you make your legs look nice and stumpy…

Lastly, if you are shorter, timid or just uncertain of how to pull of a jumpsuit, go for a romper! StyleMobbers will show you how:

If only there didn’t exist that random “No Jumpsuits/Bodysuits” rule in my school dress code….


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  • 1. luke  |  9 August 2008 at 7:14 pm

    i used to have a pair of superman bodysuit pajamas when i was little. it was AWESOME. i wore it underneath my clothes- at random times i would tear off my clothes and reveal my superman pajamas in public, determined to save the world.

  • 2. kim  |  10 August 2008 at 3:18 pm

    Hey! the jumpsuit thing is growing on me… i like it. haha they look comfy and uber cute with heels!

  • 3. G & P  |  18 August 2008 at 10:58 am

    Great Blog! We can see how much time and thought goes into creating your info to make it interesting and fun. Keep up the good work. We are not fashionistas but enjoy checking in on your log.

  • 4. queentazo  |  21 August 2008 at 9:06 pm

    ohhhh! i like the shorter ones at the end…
    wait we aren’t allowed to wear jumpsuits?
    like is that really in the handbook? i bet they weren’t thinking of the kind you were….

    btw luke… is that a true story? cuz thats hilarious!


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