Color Me Ignorant?

6 June 2008 at 2:49 pm 2 comments, this is the second article I have seen on your site wich picks apart the following outfit of Mary Kate’s

and I want to know why, please! It sounds like you have some personal beef with this Olsen, because you have had her twice under your “worst dressed” category in about a week and a half, despite outfits that would leave editors at Harpers Bazaar and Elle foaming at the mouth. I’m not so sure that when it comes to style, you have a huge idea of what you are talking about.

Yes, I know I do not [yet] know everything there is to know about fashion, but I do know that

  1. While MK always looks well-dressed, this is one of the most flattering things to her body shape I have seen on her. Ever.
  2. She’s growing up, why shouldn’t her clothes?
  3. Pant suits can be worn by young women! Just because the pantsuit as a peice of women’s wear is over fifty years old, that does not designate that wearers of such have to exclusively be older women.
  4. It is only fitting that she wear this beauty shortly after the death of Yves Saint Laurent, who, as we all know, pioneered the women’s pantsuit. (Well, we knew that. Did you?)
  5. It is chic and glamorous in a slightly unexpected and very head turning way, which is how everyone views Carrie Bradshaw, no? Tell me people don’t think Carrie, Sarah Jessica Parker and Sex and the City are glamourous and head turning and I’ll tell you Mary Kate did not wear this to the SATC primeire.

While we are addressing your eye for style, this outfit

in my opinion, does not fit your “80s waitress” description in the least. She could replace the drop earrings with something smaller and black to really hone it in, but I would not think that constitutes a major fashion faux pas. Again, what is it with you putting simple-chic ensembles in the same fashion faux pas article with the Pussy Cat Dolls? I think you may be getting a little fashion-faux-pas happy, therefore inhibiting your ability to discern between a chic dress and an eyesore.

Now, let us progress to your “best/worst dressed” coverage of the MTV music awards.

 You had this as a “best” outfit

 and this as a “worst” outfit.

Yahoo!, look at the clothes, not the women in them! Lace overlay is not my favorite thing in the world, but as a dress Paris’s is much more body-flattering, more pristine, chic, and much less… seedy-Laclede’s-landing-club-y. I’ll give you this, you are usually spot-on with what you classify as a fashion disaster… but, I think sometimes you shoot yourself in the foot as far as style authority is concerned.  

Why don’t we just stick with celebrity gossip and baby bump pictures, as opposed to what said celebrities are actually wearing? Hmmm?

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  • 1. queentazo  |  8 June 2008 at 3:52 pm

    colorcast… you should def check out msn’s best/worst dressed articles….it seems like no matter what certain celebrities wear, they get criticized…. o well

  • 2. Luke  |  14 June 2008 at 3:24 pm

    i like this article.
    and yeah i totally agree with the last one being worst, it looks really odd and disgusting lol.
    it reminds me of a sandwich with a piece of meat ensconced between two moldy pieces of bread


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