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By now it is probably no secret that Uggs are one of my pet peeves. I do not understand them.



I have some beef with Ugg boots.  Where do I even start? At any height, they somehow manage to screw with the proportions of the legs of the wearer, usually making them look short, oddly lanky and disproportionate, or both. They look fairly decent when completing a jeans-and-sweatshirt ensemble, but do most people do that? NO. Uggs do not look good with your designer skinnies and Anne Taylor/Hollister tops, dear readers, nor do they accentuate anything when you wear them under shortshorts and mini skirts. The only thing that does is to make you appear as if the wardrobe that dressed you this morning was very confused, or was playing a nasty trick on you. Next, the angle of the top of the foot is not feet-flattering. Combine that with the large round toe and all of a sudden, your feet look really, really big. What every body-conscious girl dreams of, I know. I could go on, but I’ll end with the fact that when they are worn for a matter of weeks, the develop creases that do not support the cause, adding to the snow-boot frumpiness. Hmmm… snow boots… there’s an idea! Maybe these should only be worn in the snow! Why hasn’t anyone thought of that sooner…



I know what you’re thinking. “They’re comfy and the keep my feet warm.”

Uggs are not the only boots that offer those services, ladies.

If you want a flat, comfy, warm boot, meet…

… Guiseppe Zanotti, Chloe, Bally, Brian Atwood, and Jimmy Choo. They desire to be your new flat-boot-of-choice, in the interest of better style. As you may have noticed, there are many many boots similar to these at numerous off-the-peg retailers as well; the designer models aren’t the only option, as the name is not always what makes the shoe. (Which is why, I gather, many of you and other girls all over the world by Uggs: solely to be a part of the name that goes along with the shoe.) What makes the shoe is the better materials, more defined, feminine shape and the attitude they portray; Uggs to me seem unmotivated, and the wearer always seems tired. (Maybe because they are so heavy? Hmmm. No. It is more of a resigned-tired. “I didn’t know what to wear today so I wore my Uggs.”) Boots like these, however, seem more motivated, determined, chic, studious, glamorous… whatever you want them to be, which is much harder to accomplish with Uggs. Do you see why Uggs are a lasting fad I can’t appreciate? In short, why is such an unflattering, commonly-misrepresentitive-of-the-wearer shoe so popular? Especially when there are such breathtaking alternative options?

If any of you have a guess, or something to say in the defense of Uggs/why they are your flat-boot-of-choice, please enlighten me!

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