Color Me Articulate, Part Two

31 May 2008 at 4:42 pm Leave a comment

Hello again, dear readers! While watching some What Not To Wear reruns with a girlfriend last night, S&C were pointing one haphazardly-dressed, shoe-challenged sweetheart in the direction of some springy espadrille shoes for style as well as comfort. Hearing them talk about “Espadrilles this, espadrilles that…” I realized that seems to be a word many fashionistas, young and old, in-the-know and not, have a problem with. So, all together now, let’s practice some new fashion pronunciations!

  • Espadrilles: n.ES-pah-drills.   (An espadrille is a shoe with a short wedge. For fashionistas-in-training, if you find a shoe with a wedge heel between 1 and 2 inches in height, it’s safe to refer to it as an espadrille rather than a flat. Also, espadrilles commonly have a raffia sole, but not exclusively.) Not es-pah-DREE-les, es-PHA-rides, or es-pa-RIDDLES…. other common mispronunciations, which if you employ, don’t be too embarrassed: I was the girl who went around saying es-PHA-rides for the longest time…
  • Louboutin: n.LOO-boo-tiehn. (Full name: Christian Louboutin. Fashionistas-in-training, familiarize yourself with this name! In the event that you were wondering: if your Louboutins in question have red soles, they’re real; red soles are the Louboutin signature. Say the name with a French accent and you’ll probably say it right!)
  • Madras. n.MAH-drass. (A style of plaid; the “MAH” part rhymes with the “AH!” heard escaping the mouths of fashionistas everywhere who stumble unexpectedly onto a repulsively hideous article of clothing in a magazine or the fashion-faux-pas commited by many American celebrities on the street or red carpet. (Sandra Oh, we know you try hard, honey!))
  • Vogue. n.VOHG. (Fashion magazine most associated with the fashion industry. And yes, there are more than one; there are American Vogue and Teen Vogue, British Vogue, Vogue Italia, to name a few; of course there is also a French one, and some other European nations lay claim to their own editions as well.)

Do you remember Part One where I longed for a pronunciation of Gareth Pugh’s name? Well, I have not found it, but I did find this which is extremely fun to listen to even if you know them already, and will be super helpful for those of you who don’t! It is an audio pronunciation for a good handfull of well known designers and fashion houses. Enjoy! Keep articulating!

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