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25 April 2008 at 11:12 pm Leave a comment

Has anyone else noticed how common the leather strap/gold chain motif has become in these last months? First there was Hermès, chain stores like Aldo, and now: Ralph Lauren Blue Label!

Classic Hermès…

…Aldo and Thrift scarves…

… and the new Blue Label.


Not only is the whole tangled-mess-of-chains-and-strips-of-braided-leather printed on Blue Label scarves, it has been put on polos and purses as well. I love this print, but to be honest my initial reaction upon finding the new ad campaign in the US April Elle was “Again?”. Except then I realized that Ralph did manage to put his own spin on things by not only printing it onto silk squares but his signature polos and purses as well. The line seems to have a very equestrian feel: bright colors reminiscent of jockey uniforms (one of my favorite parts of the races, can’t lie), flat boots (that aren’t UGGS…get away from UGGS, people!!), and jeans that make you want to dance around saying “Jodphurs, much??”. And maybe it is the American in me coming out, but I really like how the details on the shirts are huge! It’s eye catching, what can I say. A seemingly classic-preppy collection is, upon further inspection, actually a detailed creative twist on RLs signature pieces that pop with color and unique accessories like simple watches and giant safety pins.  I was pleasantly surprised that Ralph managed to recreate the chain motif without taking it too far; there are few things more annoying than your favorite accessory (in this case the scarves) being overdone, and thanks to the creative team at RLBL it looks like that won’t be happening to me anytime soon!

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