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Color Me Quoted

Insofar as one can talk of a Vionnet school, it comes mostly from my having been an enemy of fashion. There is something superficial and volatile about the seasonal and elusive whims of fashion which offends my sense of beauty.

Madeleine Vionnet


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Color Me Monitored


Made with his favorite celebrity in mind, Karl has indeed made what every juvenile delinquent has been anxiously awaiting: a swanky case for their ankle monitors.


Complete with the double C logo and signature Chanel quilting. Wow.


***If you don’t believe me or don’t believe in the reality of legit internet articles, pick up your nearest copy of the April US Elle and turn to page 130.

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Color Me Equestrian

Has anyone else noticed how common the leather strap/gold chain motif has become in these last months? First there was Hermès, chain stores like Aldo, and now: Ralph Lauren Blue Label!

Classic Hermès…

…Aldo and Thrift scarves…

… and the new Blue Label.


Not only is the whole tangled-mess-of-chains-and-strips-of-braided-leather printed on Blue Label scarves, it has been put on polos and purses as well. I love this print, but to be honest my initial reaction upon finding the new ad campaign in the US April Elle was “Again?”. Except then I realized that Ralph did manage to put his own spin on things by not only printing it onto silk squares but his signature polos and purses as well. The line seems to have a very equestrian feel: bright colors reminiscent of jockey uniforms (one of my favorite parts of the races, can’t lie), flat boots (that aren’t UGGS…get away from UGGS, people!!), and jeans that make you want to dance around saying “Jodphurs, much??”. And maybe it is the American in me coming out, but I really like how the details on the shirts are huge! It’s eye catching, what can I say. A seemingly classic-preppy collection is, upon further inspection, actually a detailed creative twist on RLs signature pieces that pop with color and unique accessories like simple watches and giant safety pins.  I was pleasantly surprised that Ralph managed to recreate the chain motif without taking it too far; there are few things more annoying than your favorite accessory (in this case the scarves) being overdone, and thanks to the creative team at RLBL it looks like that won’t be happening to me anytime soon!

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Color Me En La Casa De Balenciaga

Nació en el año de 1895, Cristóbal Balenciaga creercía ser un joven con talento que superaba el talento de todos de los artistas de su tiempo. El fue un diseño que tenia muchísimo talento y creatividad que Christian Dior le dijo, “Balenciaga es el <<couturier of couturiers>>”. Cuando Cristóbal era niño, vivía en un pueblo pequita llamada Guetaría en España. Era el hijo de una costurera y después de doce años de miraranado du mama hace vestidos para las mujeres de su ciudad el hizo su primero vestido y le hizo un éxito instante. La patrocinadora de la ciudad donde vivía compró este vestido y quería más de la ropa de Cristóbal. Después de su primer vestido fue comprado, Cristóbal Balenciaga empezó a crecer en fama. La ropa que el hacía fuera tan popular que el abrío su primer casa de couture en San Sebastián sobre el año de 1918. De donde el crecía en fama hasta 1937 cuando el abrío dos otras casas de moda en mas ciudades mayores en España. Durante La Guerra Civil Españada había cerrado todas de sus casas de moda y fue a Ingaterra por hida por la violencia. Un año más el abrío una casa de moda en Paris, un paso mejor por algun diseñador, y abrío su casa de moda otra vez en España. Cristóbal terminó su creación de ropa en 1968 y murió cuatro años después de su colección ultima.

Tradicionalmente, el hace ropa con colores oscuros como marrón y negro y él prefiere los textiles que son mas pesados de textiles típicamente usados por hacer vestidos. Balenciaga fue influido por la historia y cultura de su país. Muchos de sus vestidos reflejaran cosas como los toreadores y la realeza de España desde historia. El es diferente como un diseñador que los otros diseñadores de historia, porque el prefiere vestidos con tela caída y no con estructura. La ropa de Balenciaga está suelto y con ideas brillantes como vestidos con formas de globo y chaquetas cuadradas que continua influir diseño ahora que el es uno de los diseñadores más reconocidos. En el año de 1955 Balenciaga creó este chal…

… para ir con vestidos de anochecer. Es un obra típica del estilo Balenciaga. Es una forma tan única pero es seda y por eso no es de tela típica de este disseñador. Me gusta este chal por su color y forma. Es único y raro y chales grandes son mas útiles en muchas modas. Chales como este se puede usar por cómodo o solor por estilo. Están usabados en fotógrafos de moda porque son tan únicas y tiene el poder a hacer la mujer que lo lleve parece tan distinguida.

Balenciaga era un hombre fenomenal. Nació en un sección más pobre de España, el desarolló su talento hasta que tuvo fama por todo el mundo. El tenía muchísimo creatividad que continúa influir su compañía ahora. Porque de su creatividad en vestidos y ideas brillantes Cristóbal Balenciaga es mi diseñador favorito y admiro su talento y determinación.

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Color Me Shockingly Pink

Korea: notable for spirited, laid back creative style.

Simultaneously notable for fashion oddities such as abundant engrish, matching couples, giraffes on everything and lots and lots of pink. It’s…shocking!

Within about four hours of each other:




In most busy places in Korea the only color to be had is black, or some close cousin. However, while that is what meets the eye at first glance, behind every black legging, skinny jean, trench and little dress is something pink! You’re probably either thinking, “oh that’s cute!” or “there’s pink here too, honey, why are you so excited about this?” in which case: there really isn’t as much pink around! Stop and think about the last time you saw eight pink tops in twenty square feet of each other in less than five minutes, the better half of those being on men. Or, the last time you saw a field trip where as if planned in advance, literally every fourth child was a pinkling! Go to South Korea, stand in the middle of a sidewalk and you will see what I mean.

One-Sentence Fashion History Lesson! There is a reason why this post has the name it does: “Shockingly Pink” was a color made for Elsa Schiaperelli (1930s designer and milliner, which is a hat maker) by the surrealist Salvador Dali, and it became her signature whether splashed in gowns, sweaters and dinner suits or emblazoned accross her other products.


 Two of her dinner suits, the one on the left causing a stir at the time because of the embroidery and the one on the right being shockingly pink!

 Colors were not the only thing Schiaperelli and Dali collaborated on. As Dali progressed in his career and developed as a surrealist he dabbled in design and sculpture, and it was during these few years that he helped Schiaperelli design some shockingly pink surrealist hats in the form of everyday items like shoes and inkwells.

**Read more about Elsa Schiaperelli here and here**

Here’s something I want to know, while I am on this topic: Why is it that pink and red is a taboo combination? Maybe this is me being naive or maybe it is me disregarding fashion rules again but really, what isn’t there to like? Naeem Khan did it quite nicely in the Spring/Summer 08 Shows!


And if you saw the Valentine’s spread in the February US Teen Vogue you would have seen more beautiful outfits with this supposedly ghastly combination. Personally, I don’t see it: if you want to wear your pink and red, wear your pink and red! (Maybe you could work some “off-season” white shoes in there too and really make a statement…woah!) Shocking pinks are everywhere from Korea to famous designers of old to Naeem’s native India so go for it! Be pink and red, be a shoe-hat wearer, be shockingly pink!

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Color Me Quoted

Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.

Oscar Wilde

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Color Me Recognized

I find that more and more, young fashionistas are unaware of the faces and names behind their favorite design houses, and are unfamiliar with many of the men and women who make the fashion industry go round. Ladies and gentleman, if my boyfriend can recognize the face of Karl Lagerfeld and tell me that his most recent show for Fendi was on the Great Wall, you can too! For the learning, I have before you twenty four of the most recognized design houses and the respective heads of each; the houses will be in parenthesis unless the head and the house are one and the same. Be expecting a pop quiz in the future!!

   Alexander Mcqueen.





Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel).     Silvia Venturini Fendi (Fendi).

 Riccardo Tisci (Givenchy).

   John Galliano (Dior). 



 Jean Paul Gautier.


 Alexander Wang.




Henry Holland (House of Holland).


Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez (Proenza Schouler). Oliver Theyskens (his own house and Nina Ricci). 

Nathalie Ricci with Haper’s Bazaar Editor in Cheif Glenda Bailey (mom’s Nina Ricci).




Erin Fetherson.          



Tara Subkoffl (Imitation of Christ).


Nicholas Ghesquiere (Balenciaga).

Marc Jacobs



 Thakoon Panichgul (Thakoon).



Karen Walker. 


 Alber Elbaz (Lanvin).





 David Neville and Marcus Wainwright (Rag and Bone).



Zac Posen.


 Dianne Von Furstenburg with Anna Wintour.




   Stefano Pilati (Yves Saint Laurent).

 Esteban Cortazar (Emanuel Ungaro).

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