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30 March 2008 at 8:34 pm 2 comments

Upon seeing designer cell phones, not only do I wonder who buys them, I also wonder who provides the service. (Does anyone know? I mean, do regular providers service spiffy cells? Will we ever know?) Designer phones are nothing new. In recent months the Industry has seen the D&G version…


… the Armani version…


…and Versace’s version…


Not to be left out, Prada has followed suit and it can be found at almost every single cell phone vendor in Seoul. (Which sometimes makes me wonder if you can buy a Prada knockoff phone like you can a bag, but they all looked legit…) I saw about three or more of these in one day, each enshrined in a little glass box set above the rest of the available phones.


So while a cell phone definitely branches away from the normal products expected from such designers, it isn’t entirely deserving of this post’s title. Louis Vuitton toilet paper and Gucci erasers, on the other hand, are.


Admittedly, I cannot seem to separate fact from fiction when it comes to the LV TP. Articles about it can be found all over the Internet, but personally I am still under the impression that it is just a good Photoshop job. At least, I certainly hope that’s all it is, or else we would be in an extremely sorry state!

On the other hand, the Gucci eraser is completely for real.



Gucci, I applaud you for branching out to reach those fashion-realists who would rather spend their money on functionality as opposed to decoration, but really. An expensive little piece of rubber with embossings that are going to be rubbed off as soon as your trig homework and fashion sketches go terribly wrong?


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