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11 March 2008 at 9:48 pm 1 comment

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I had a lot of fun getting dressed this morning. That is pretty common, but for some reason this morning was more exciting than usual. Maybe it’s because today’s outfit was an experiment: I broke out my favoriteEX-favorite prairie skirt (I just shudder at the very sound of that… “my favorite prairie skirt”….eughhhhh….) and figured out a way to work it into an outfit without reducing myself to the ruts of trends long past. Or at least I thought so! Needless to say, it was a successful experiment that got me all sorts of nice comments and compliments today, two of which were from… Moms!

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking something to the affect of “That’s dumb! Moms never know what they’re talking about!” or “*scoffing!* Moms. Aw, the little girl got compliments from the moooms!” or maybe even “Moms? As in carrot-cut jeans?”. When I reflected back on some of the things that were said to me, I chuckled to myself because I realized how funny or stupid it may sound to many people that those two little comments brightened my day. As I was thinking about it, I realized: as far as style goes, Moms are not given as much credit as they’re worth! Is it not a common practice to write off maternal parental-units everywhere as style ruts filled with carrot-cut jeans? If that’s the case how do you explain….


…Vera Wang, mother of two, and Rosita Missoni, one of four generations of Mother-designers in the Missoni house? C’mon. Moms have to be given some credit.

So now that we’ve cleared up the misconception that all moms are fashion-challenged, let’s move on to moms in real life, because the chances are that few of you have a fashion designer mom (or fashion forward, for that matter) in your life. Regardless of how our mothers dress, though, something they are “good for” when it comes to dressing is giving you an honest opinion of how you look. It’s always nice when “grown-ups” in society approve of how you look. That’s not to say I dress to please, but I am by no means a style-rebel; I dress to have fun with my personality and clothes, yet getting dressed every morning is essentially preparing yourself for presentation to the world. All that to say: even if we don’t find the older women in our lives to have stellar eyes for certain styles, they sure have eyes for presentation, which is very, very important.

Let’s face it: there are certain instances in which the way you present yourself (*coughdresscough*) is vital to the outcome of the situation at hand. Think of … meeting your boyfriends parents for the first time, or a job interview. The way you look will effect how those meetings go. (So they are totally different situations but you get my point!) I actually just read an iCiNG article on how to present yourself for  a job interview, that some of you might find quite useful. Take a look. The moral of the story is that not only is it important to master a style of your own, but it is key to master presentablility as well. The way you dress is how you show the world–full of total strangers–who you really are; my two little “Mom comments” iced the cake that was my day by validating that I, thus far, am doing a good job of presenting myself and having fun with style at the same time.

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  • 1. queentazo  |  14 March 2008 at 1:27 am

    i really liked this cuz some moms (NOT MY OWN) have really good style. my mom just wears matching sweat suits. which breaks dress code. so not good.


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