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5 March 2008 at 10:25 pm Leave a comment


For many of you this is old news but it is news nonetheless! When cute and quirky Brit Model Agness Deyn was spotted around in pink wayfarers last month, many people (myself included) thought nothing of it: why wouldn’t Agness Deyn wear bright pink shades to the clubs?

To the clubs? You ask. You probably just realized the oddity of that thought. The glasses are pretty pointless: if she thinks that obstructing her big eyes will keep her from being noticed, she needs to remember that show-stopping platinum-blond pixie chop she has going on. Not very common. So what would prompt Miss Deyn to party incognito?

An eye infection.

Oh-ho. Well. That would explain it. In fact, that would explain a lot of things. Like…




Stop panicking! That is not an Urukai on the runway! It’s just Agness! (The braids are strategically covering the offending eye)



I have to say that she managed her season quite well with this minor setback. When I first saw the eye-patch at House of Holland, I hardly batted an eye (doh… no pun intended…) because it is just so… her. The antlers, however… yeah. That’s about when I started to wonder. I found some brief articles on my fashion updates (see the previous post for those) mentioning that she had some kind of eye infection, but none of them had heard what was ailing her or if she was on the mend. If any of you have word on the well being of our blond British friend, let me know!

You know fashion week has come around again when you see plaid antlers and outfits reminiscent of LOTR…

Ah, Henry and Gareth. You are so creative in many ways. Where would the industry be without you….

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