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Color Me Matching

**If it weren’t taboo to ask to take outfit pictures and the subjects of my style-stalking didn’t walk so fast, I would have more pictures to support this one.

Whether people do it on purpose or not, another commonly followed trend in Seoul that I noticed is couples matching each other! I saw girlfriends wearing the same color tops and bottoms as their boyfriends, wearing the same jacket or shoes, sometimes even going as far as wearing the same sweatsuit complete with matching baseball caps. Kindof odd, kindof weird, but kindof cute!


Just another fashion oddity to brighten your day.

(The next time you match your bf, send me a picture. I’ll do a followup post!)



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Color Me Swanky

“Swanky” is an adjective I use alot. The more I use it though, the more I find people have no idea what it means. Surprising? I think so! Therefore, to enlighten my readers on the definition of my new favorite adjective…

imposingly fashionable and elegant; “a swank apartment” [syn: swank

Thank you, Dictionary.Com! There you have it. Swanky.

Now you know.

30 March 2008 at 9:21 pm 2 comments

Color Me Rediculous

Upon seeing designer cell phones, not only do I wonder who buys them, I also wonder who provides the service. (Does anyone know? I mean, do regular providers service spiffy cells? Will we ever know?) Designer phones are nothing new. In recent months the Industry has seen the D&G version…


… the Armani version…


…and Versace’s version…


Not to be left out, Prada has followed suit and it can be found at almost every single cell phone vendor in Seoul. (Which sometimes makes me wonder if you can buy a Prada knockoff phone like you can a bag, but they all looked legit…) I saw about three or more of these in one day, each enshrined in a little glass box set above the rest of the available phones.


So while a cell phone definitely branches away from the normal products expected from such designers, it isn’t entirely deserving of this post’s title. Louis Vuitton toilet paper and Gucci erasers, on the other hand, are.


Admittedly, I cannot seem to separate fact from fiction when it comes to the LV TP. Articles about it can be found all over the Internet, but personally I am still under the impression that it is just a good Photoshop job. At least, I certainly hope that’s all it is, or else we would be in an extremely sorry state!

On the other hand, the Gucci eraser is completely for real.



Gucci, I applaud you for branching out to reach those fashion-realists who would rather spend their money on functionality as opposed to decoration, but really. An expensive little piece of rubber with embossings that are going to be rubbed off as soon as your trig homework and fashion sketches go terribly wrong?


30 March 2008 at 8:34 pm 2 comments

Color Me Just That

If not for the history and culture, I hope you one day have a chance to visit Seoul for a chance to see the abundance of color that paints the streets. From the highrises of Bundang to the markets at Insadong and the knock offs at Namdemun market, color is everywhere. I’ll let the pictures argue this case themselves…


Color is in the streets, in the clothes, even in the temples. If you are ever in need of some art and style inspiration, I highly suggest hitting the streets of Korea and immersing yourself in the culture for a few days. You’ll be amazed!


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Color Me Worded With Badly English

Korean apparel has many trademarks: bold funky colors, flowing layers and the like. However, there is one that to me sticks out above the others and is a personal favorite, as it makes shopping all the more fun. The trademark of which I speak?

Bad English!

Oh, it is so entertaining! There are occasions on which the words make logical sense, but those are few and in-between. English on Korean things is hugely popular…notebooks, shirts, dishes, you name it. To give you an idea, here is a purse I found at one of the supermalls of Seoul, which also happens to be the best possible example of weird rambling English words on products that don’t make any sense….


Oh my. That’s rich.

See what I mean? It’s a fun thing, shopping in Korea…you never know what silly things are going to jump off the mannequins at you next!

30 March 2008 at 12:31 am 4 comments

Are You Ready For This?!

Hello blogsphere, I am back! Actually, as I write this it’s in a notebook in an airplane over Daegu, South Korea as opposed to at my computer in Mid-America, but you would never know the difference…

So I’ve been to Korea.


Where to start? While I figure that out, the first thing I have to address is the pictures you will be seeing in posts to follow. One of the things I learned very soon after entering Korea is that taking quality pictures would not be an option. The sister of mine you may have seen references to here is actually an international student (from South Korea) that my family hosts, and is a sister in the “dear friend” sense. That said, it was she who told (as I was following a plum-and-Burberry combo around the Incheon airport trying to snap a decent picture) that while in the US, “Excuse me…may I take a picture of your outfit for my fashion blog?” is awkward in a fun way, it would be awkward in a socially-awkward-rude-stalker-tourist sort of way in Korea. Thus, the majority of my shots are of backs and profiles and sometimes a little blurry because the subjects were in a hurry. For my readers eagerly awaiting the Korea pictures, I apologize!

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Color Me Global

If you notice a major lack of posts in the next two weeks, it is not because I have forgotten  about you readers, lost interest in my blog or quit loving fashion. Be not fooled or concerned! The reason for my absence is because I am accompanying my sister to her hometown of Seoul, South Korea for spring break! When I return I will be sure to have lots to post about. Get Excited.

(I am leaving Mid America….


…for a whirlwind of lights, fruits style, dumplings…


… and pretty dresses!)

See you in two weeks, readers. Toodles!



17 March 2008 at 8:59 pm 4 comments

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