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Color Me Pierced!

While the stud itself may not qualify as super-trendy or overwhelmingly-stylish, I love my newest accessory! To me, the main purpose of [ear] piercings is that it allows for adding more color to an outfit. (Excluding the slight redness of a fresh piercing…this one is only five hours old) For me, though, my ears are pierced to capacity: I have double pierced lobes and a pierced cartilage, so I think that’s a nice balance/amount of color. I can’t wait to play around with different studs! I’ll have to wait a nice long while for that: this little rock can’t come out for a year. But that’s ok; I’m good to wait, because if I don’t, we’ll be seeing more colors than the ones on the earrings.

If you know what I mean.


(My boyfriend teases me that if I get any more, my ears will “double over because of being laden with too much metal”.   Don’t think I’m quite at that point yet!)


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Color Me A Flat Velcro Doll

Lately, I have been rediscovering the joy of childhood playthings. A while back, I uncovered one of my favorite toys, which is a small, flat doll with a Velcro leotard that adheres to a bounty of little flat-doll outfits. I brought it babysitting once — I’m one of those babysitters who’s really obsessive-compulsive about not coming empty handed — and my little client fell so in love with it that she asks me to bring it with me every time. The fun part is that as she changes the outfit and picks out the hair accessory to “go” with it,  she’ll ask me questions about the pieces, the occasion they are for, and the doll’s motive for wearing them. And being a three year old, she never lets me off easy: she demands a detailed, creative answer. every. single. time.

Little Client: “What is this outfit?”
 Me: “It’s her sailing outfit.”
Little Client: “Why is she wearing her sailing outfit?”
Me: “Because she’s going sailing.”
Little Client: “Why is she going sailing?”
Me: “Because they’re having a party on the boat today…but maybe you should double-check and ask her yourself…”  (that’s my answer when I am not awake or feeling creative: ‘why don’t you ask her’)
Little Client: “It doesn’t fit me!”

Little Client: “What’s this one for?”
Me: “That’s her wedding dress! She wears it for getting married.”
Little Client: “Why is she getting married???”
 If only I had a picture of her putting the ski mask on with the wedding dress….


 Little Client: “Why is she wearing a tutu?”

Me: “Because she’s going to dance class. You go to dance class, don’t you?”

Little Client: “Yes. But why is she going to dance class?”

Me: “Because she’s wearing a tutu…”


Ah, dress up. Let’s expose them to fashion good and early…

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Color Me Baggy


Guys and their baggy pants, I tell you. Ridiculous! Please, male readers: believe it or not, your underwear is not that fascinating. For the love of good taste: pull your pants up!

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