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Color Me Stuck In My Locker

Or so it seems, lately. I apologize for the severe lack of posts lately! Like Laura of Poof You’re a Frog, my life has been pretty routine as of late, except that I’ve been completely consumed with schoolwork. *Sigh* I did finally manage to upload some more outfits on Style Mob, which I guess sort of compensates, but not really. For now, enjoy the links and the other pages and TOTD, and I’ll be blogging soon…on legwarmers, the windy city, and ugly things! Get excited.

While we’re at  it, I think I’ll leave you with a picture…


Ah, Karl. Does it ever get hard to see with your sunglasses? You make my day. Poor man… what emotion…complete bewilderment, on the verge of tears…

like me in chemistry! Karl, you and I are kindred spirits. I am convinced.


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Color Me Large And In Charge, Part Two


I found another one! L, by Gwen Stefani:


*I apologize for the crease down the center; it’s in the September US Harpers Bazaar and many others, but since I couldn’t find the campaign pictures online and had no access to a scanner, I had to take it myself.*

Does anyone know if these even smell good? By ‘these’ I mean the celebrity ones…especially Sarah Jessica Parker’s. (Daisy is wonderful, for those of you who were having doubts!)

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Color Me Petit

If you have read around on my Style Diary and Style Mob pages, you already know that I don’t believe in buying things that are strictly meant for your size. I’m a huge believer in buying things that are too big or too small, and putting them together with other pieces. That said, two weeks ago my mom and sister went shopping, and my sister came back with a bag full of the cutest things. I snapped her in the kitchen in one of her finds before school, making her coffee and looking cute like always:


Guess where the jumper is from?

The little girls section at Target!

See? A perfect example of why a person (girl…boys can’t buy things that aren’t their size. It just doesn’t work the same way!) shouldn’t restrict themself to the section made for their size! Go to the little girls section: their dresses make great shirts, too.

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Color Me Large And In Charge

I’m beginning to see a trend here:


I know that the pictures are small, but if you didn’t notice the trend, it’s over-sized perfume bottles in advertising.

The first label to utilize the shock factor in a massive bottle of perfume was Juicy Couture when they came out with their scent last year. I was personally more excited by Marc Jacobs use of it with the launch of Daisy this summer because I’m definitely a Marc girl and think the photography is better. But when I stumbled across a Covet ad in the September US Vogue ten minutes ago, I thought, THAT has been done before. I like the whole big-perfume bottle thing, but I think that the next person to do it will wear it out completely. So if you are thinking about releasing your very own eau de parfum, please, please don’t have a large-and-in-charge bottle in your ads, unless you can get Juergen Teller or Bruce Weber to photograph them. Or, for some magnificent reason, you are Juergen Teller and Bruce Weber and happen to be reading my mere blog. (In which case, will one of you be the photographer at my wedding? Whenever that is?)

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Color Me Furry…Continued

Oh. Wow. They’ve came out with a commercial…and new products! So while the dogs in the video may be cute in their little costumes, I still believe the whole thing is entirely absurd.

Am I alone in this?

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Color Me A Prospective Student

To answer the questions of my teachers, I am planning to go to an art/design university! Now the question lies: is it God’s plan as well (I really hope so!), and which ones?

My first choice/ultimate fantasy is Central St. Martin’s in London. But, seeing as I will probably not make it overseas for college, I take comfort in the fact that they have Master’s and Doctorate programs in addition to regular Bachelor’s degrees. (I’ll get there someday!) It is probably the most prestigious design school I know of.


Pros: It’s in London, world-famous and produced John Galliano and McQueen. (As in Alexander, the guy with all the tartan, not the little red racecar)

Cons: It is on the other side of the world.

And that brings us to my next choice, SCAD. At this point, I have my heart set on SCAD! It’s in Savannah, Georgia, which is fantastic because I have a fondness in my heart for the Peach State and have always aspired to go to Uni there. As far as what exactly I will study, I am still trying to decide between Historical Preservation and Jewelry Design/Metals majors and Museum Studies/Exhibition Design minors. Or I could major in Fashion, Furniture Design or Illustration, and minor with Accessory Design or British-American Studies, which sounds so fascinating to me! It makes perfect sense, too, because half of the fashion world comes to us from England, particularly London. (Think Topshop, amazing street style, Agnes and…Kate Moss. Ok, I said it!) And I would run the Iron Man if it meant a ticket to the United Kingdom. We’ll see how it turns out… there are so many decisions to make!


Pros: In Georgia and pretty much amazing!

Cons: Right now, I don’t think there are any…except for tuition…

Third Choice: Parson’s! (Of course) I don’t really want to go to New York for school, but going to Parson’s would put my foot in most doors in The Industry, and the chance to showcase in New York Fashion Week. It’s an almost unattainable goal, and I don’t really want to go there that bad, so it falls on the bottom of the list.


Pros: In New York, students have the opportunity to be in New York Fashion Week, it produced Proenza Schouler and Marc Jacobs to name a few

Cons: It’s in New York, and terribly expensive

There is also FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology), a design school in Chicago from what I understand, and fashion majors/programs at various “regular” universities around the nation, but those I haven’t looked into yet.

Famous and expensive or not, I just hope to get into one.

(Actually, that one would be SCAD… I have my heart and eyes set on that one. Let’s see how it all plays out. After all, I still have to finish high school! ^ _ ^ )

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Color Me Basic: Your Questions Answered, Part 1

People at school always ask me how I come up with my outfits and where my style comes from, but until recently I haven’t been able to put my finger on what defines it. How it…happens. As I was trying to come up with an answer to how I “do it” (as in, “you always have the best outfits, how do you do it?”) I realized something:

I don’t stick with The Industry’s definition of “basic”. Disregard The Industry’s definition and redefine it! I substitute a lot of “the basics” for things I deem more essential and conducive to my style, and simply to being a teenage student.

“The basics” include khaki pants, pencil skirts (understood to be a “basic” color, like black), neutrals, black dress “slacks” (*shudder*), the classic white dress shirt, and probably a Birkin. However, since I am a teenage student, there’s something in the idea of wearing khaki pants on a regular basic that induces that sinking, I’ll-never-feel-happy-again feeling Harry feels when dementors come around. Pencil skirts are hard to walk in, and neutrals are more boring than Flatland. The white dress shirt is the only thing on this list that I keep on my list of ‘basics’. I will probably never own a Birkin. I will probably never have $7500 to spend on one.

My solution? I’ve swapped leggings for the fancy pants, color for neutrals, tulip skirts and jersey dresses for the pencil skirt, and a variety of charity-shop bags for the Birkin.

Disregarded Basic No. 1:

ban-rep-kki-1.jpgtopshp-kki-1.jpgold-navy-kki-1.jpgBanana Republic/Topshop/Old Navy

copy-of-basic-legs-blue-1.jpgbasic-legs-brown-2.jpgbasic-legs-red-3.jpgTurquoise, Tantrum/Brown, JC Penny/Red, Tantrum/Grey, Urban Behavior/Purple, Urban Behavior/Black…?

basic-legs-grey-4.jpgbasic-legs-purple-5.jpgbasic-legs-black-6.jpgGreen shorts, lost and found at the camp I work at/White shorts, Target

Disregarded Basic No. 2:

ban-rep-pen-skt-1.jpgtul-skirt-1.jpgBanana Republic (double whammy! It’s also a neutral)//Plato’s Closet and my Grandparent’s retirement home

Disregarded Basic No. 3:

ban-rep-neu-1.jpgvs-neus.jpg(most of my clothes are in the wash right now, but you get the idea. No neutrals.)

Disregarded Basic No. 4:

birkin1.jpgblog-028.jpgThe most famous bag of them all//both from the retirement home!

I’m not saying that everyone should go home and trash their khakis or anything like that. These are just my “basics”. I think “basics” should vary from person to person, because if we all defined the b-word the same way, none of us would have our own styles. Now what I want to know is, what are everyone else’s “basics”?

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