Color Me Overwhelmed

12 October 2007 at 3:19 am Leave a comment

There is so much to write about! I have whole lists of things to post, pictures to take, things to add…and with every day my list keeps getting longer! There is way to much I want to write about.

The reason why I started this blog is because over the last few years, people have been coming up to me with various fashion questions/compliments/comments about my style. This year, the wealth of questions/compliments/comments has been totally overwhelming! I am so flattered. All I do is get up in the morning and have fun getting dressed and playing with colors and belts and whatnot…I am amazed that people think I am some kind of expert! There is still so much I haven’t learned…

I always get asked: Where do you shop? How do you come up with this? Are you going to study fashion? So in order to answer these questions, I came up with this. The Blog.

I’ve read somewhere-can’t remember where exactly-that everyone is turning into a [fashion] critic, and that there are hundreds of ‘fashion blogs’ that are merely “This person looks good/stupid/fat/orange in this because…”. I really don’t want to be one of those critics! I mean, yes, I will post on things that I think work or don’t work (like my earlier post on royal blue) but I hope that this blog turns out to be something more. I want it to be good! I hope to one day be as good as a blogger, have as extensive knowledge of fashion and designers as, say, someone like Susie_Bubble (visit her at stylebubble!), and be the best that I can be. Like I said, I am still learning. And also, I am not-repeat, NOT- doing this because I am a know-it-all or because I think I know what is best or anything like that. Honestly and truly. I am just being myself here, a girl who loves fashion and is perpetually being asked questions about her style that she can never answer satisfactorily in person because her answers are too long.

If you were to sit me down and ask me questions about shopping or fashion or how my style happens (and were not being expected anywhere in the near future) this is how I would answer, what I’d tell you. I have so much fun talking about fashion and ‘The Industry’, and just as much fun learning more and practicing it myself, that I want to share it with you!

Also, If we were talking in person, I would probably go off on winding rabbit trails about the people behind the designs, the people who make them, the history, and the people who wear them on the runway. (and trivial facts that you will need to know when you least expect it…for instance, there was a question about Veronica Lake in Scholar Bowl practice today. If it weren’t for the fashion, I wouldn’t have known the answer. *smile*)

In eighth grade, I had a friend who would always say that I have a ‘passion for fashion’. Over this last year and still now, I am discovering how right he was.

So this is my ‘mission’, I suppose you could say. This is why I am blogging.

I really hope you enjoy it!

~con mucho amor~

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