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Color Me Unappreciative

In fashion there are things I like, things I don’t like but will acknowledge that they are made well, artistic, etc., and the few things that I just don’t have an appreciation for.

Let me share some of those things with you.

1) Juicy Couture. So I’ve never been a big fan of the clothes myself, although they do work for some people. But that is not why I’m writing. I am writing because I–forgive me if I am crazy– do not have an appreciation for doggie perfume.

As in, perfume. For spritzing on your DOG.


…and it’s called “Juicy Crittour”…

pawfum-1.jpg pawfum-2.jpg pawfum-3.jpg

Pawfum, $60.00 for 1 fl. ounce (Do you realize that I could get a bottle of Miss Dior Cherie for less than that at Sephora?) // Pink Dog Nail Pawish, $14.00 // Doggy House Spray Room Mist, $30.00 for 5 fl. ounces

Or, if you want, you could get the complete Doggy Jet Set for $80.00.


What? Who does that? And why? Is it really worth the $60? Seriously. Regardless of how much it bothers your senses and triggers your allergies, dogs will always smell like dogs. Even if the iconic Jeanne Lanvin herself sold such a novelty, it would be just as ridiculous.

On to other things…

2) That Chanel football that keeps popping up in spreads.

picture.jpg    football.jpg 

So here’s how I see it:

Girls like it because it’s Chanel, but what are we going to do with it? It’s a football. Even if a girl was to get one, there is no way from here to 31 Rue Cambon (the address of Coco Chanel’s house in Paris, for those who don’t know) that she would risk getting it dirty.

Boys like it because it’s a football. But how many of the boys that you know care about-or have even heard of-Chanel? And judging by the pictures, it’s probably not even regulation size!

And also, it’s $195. No girl or boy would want to pay that much for a football, Chanel or not.

I really, really don’t understand.

I picture myself spritzing my dogs with Juicy. I see them still being as dim-witted as ever and making a mess in their crates.

I imagine Coco Chanel going for the touchdown, black and white clutched between her elbow and side, running around tables at the outdoor Fete and…

well, the mental movie just stops there.

*pictures from March and October 07 Teen Vouge,, the Juicy Couture website and Google*


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Color Me Studious

These ions I’m studying just don’t grab me as much as the 400-page fashion history book that’s sitting on my coffee table…



(weird, I know…)

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Color Me A Globe Trotter, Part II


I am pretty much speechless.

It blows my mind like hybridization orbitals!

  Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director for Fendi, put on the last show ON TOP of the Great Wall of China. The show could be seen FROM SPACE! First the Colosseum, now this; if he could think up a way to host a show on the Golden Gate Bridge, the Great Barrier Reef or Big Ben, I think he would. I really do.

But then again, it is Karl Lagerfeld we are talking about. I really shouldn’t be so suprised! ^_^

(Queen Michelle of Kingdom of Style details the show a little bit…you should definitely go see for yourself! The 88 foot runway was flanked by heated benches for viewers. What must I do to be invited to the next show? …)

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Color Me A Globe Trotter

Have you heard? Can you believe it? Karl Lagerfeld/Fendi’s most recent show was held in China… on the Great Wall! ON  the  GREAT WALL.

More to follow, but for now, there’s homework to be done…

fendi-wall.jpg  *picture from Kingdom of Style*

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Color Me Curious…And A Little Sore…

I’m sitting at my desk updating Tie-of-the-Day and listening to “Grease Is the Word”, and, like they usually do, a thought just randomly popped into my head. I have to ask my [female] readers an honest question:

Does your rear hurt after a day of walking in high heels?

*hopefully this is not a phenomenon that only I experience!*


Said heels —–> the-cuprits.jpgcopy-of-blog-034.jpg


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Color Me Off In My Own Little World

This morning in Chemistry, I was off in my own little world, which is not entirely uncommon. I had Feist’s ‘1234’ stuck in my head and was thinking about the video, and how even though all the colors are super vibrant, she somehow manages to stand out among them. I finally put my finger on the source of the contrast: her royal blue jumpsuit! And then I realized, not only does the royal blue make her stand out, but she looks good in it, too… and she has dark hair. See, case in point. If you are ‘new here’ and haven’t made it to the royal blue post way at the bottom, you’ll see what I am talking about soon enough.  

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Color Me Musical!

If I were more computer-savvy, I would have figured out how to get the little music widget to work and play songs while you all read here. But, because I am not completely computer-savvy and have no idea what phrases like “but if you have a visual-rich editor the embeds will destroy the such-and-such” mean, I was going to resort to putting my list of songs that would have been playing right now here for you to see, so if you are really into reading my blog you can open the songs in some other window on some other site and get the whole experience. Of course, I was holding off on this particular post untill tomorrow because I need to be working on my NHD paper, but as I was typing it (its almost done! *colorcast does happy dance*) and listening to some Modest Mouse I heard one of the songs on my would-be list, and the following train of thought ensued:

I wonder if there is a video of this on youtube or something that I could post, so it can be playing while people read posts above and below it on the page…I’ve done that before…well, on other blogs… *finds “Float On” video on youtube, watches some* This doesn’t make any sense! Wonder if any of my other songs are on here…Hung Up? What would that video be like? … 1234!! Duh! That would work, and it was on the top of that list anyway, and it makes perfect sense! It’s soo colorful, and the costumes/outfits are kindof funky/quirky/uglypretty/cute, which I like… totally. that is going on the blog.

So here it is! 1234 by Feist… I hope you enjoy it if you’ve never heard of her, and have fun watching all the colors swirl around!

(In case you were wondering, the music widget thing would have had: 1234//Feist; Hung Up//Madonna; Float On//Modest Mouse; Doo Wop (That Thing)//Lauryn Hill; Think I’m In Love//Beck; either Blueside, Popstars or I’m Shakin’ by Rooney, I hadn’t decided yet; Grace Kelly//Mika; and Beauty School Dropout from Grease. ^ _ ^ )

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